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In the mid-2000’s, one of the Executive Directors gave me a referral to a real estate agent. I noticed that she was getting consistent coverage in the NY Times. I told her she needn’t worry about hiring me for publicity right now – that she was doing great so far. But when things start to slow down and dry up on the coverage, we should speak.

So a few times a year for the next 8-10 years I would drop her a note. In 2012, the agent asked me to meet her team manager regarding doing publicity for her real estate team. We went through the process, but I was not hired because the real estate agency decided to devote more resources for her team’s publicity, which I thought was smart since she would not have to pay for an outside publicity consultant.

But the team manager was so impressed by me, that she referred me to a bookkeeper who was consulting with a wealth manager who was looking at hiring a publicist. That wealth manager hired me, based on the word of this bookkeeper, who I didn’t know at the time.

Two years after that, the wealth manager introduced me to another woman, who was getting a nonprofit off the ground. And I have been working with them since late 2014. In short, I got two multi-year pieces of closed business about 10 years after the first referral from which I was not hired.

BRYAN R. Adams, FAB Communications