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BILL ALLEN, William C. Allen Insurance Agency Inc.

It was my first meeting visiting Manhattan BNI 7 as the guest of Rob Moy, the trusts and estates attorney in the chapter. I had never even heard of BNI and although it was early in the morning, I found the meeting to be fast-paced and entertaining. I was a bit overwhelmed by the vast amount of information coming my way but was impressed by the camaraderie of the group and business that was being passed that day.

I gave a commercial about my property and casualty Insurance agency, which in hindsight was a bit dry but hoped that perhaps someone in the room was paying attention. Immediately after the meeting, the mortgage broker of BNI 7 at the time, Paul Cole came over, handed me a referral slip and said his customer needed insurance for an apartment he was closing on the next day.
As soon as I returned to my office, I contacted the prospect, quoted the homeowner insurance and wrote the policy that afternoon. The next thing I did was to fill out and submit my BNI application. I was sworn in as a member two weeks later, in July 2007.

During my six years in Manhattan BNI 7 I’ve closed well over 200 pieces of business directly referred to me by Chapter 7 members as well as hundreds more in repeat business and indirect business referred to me by guests and former BNI 7 members. BNI works!